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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale


Our advantages

Our production Weestep

Weestep, Children's shoes wholesale

That produces shoes for children as for adults. This means that children are individuals for us with their tastes, opinion, and style, and that personality needs to be respected. This is the European trend of upbringing — and the basis for our work.

ортопедическая обувь


Small personalities choose their own style and know what to wear better than their parents. Therefore, we create actual footwear, and every season we completely update the collections. 

You will surprise your clients with what you find in our collections – color-changing material, phosphorus-containing material, shoes that can be painted, trendy 80s or neoclassical. We give children an opportunity to express themselves. 


Design for children and quality for parents. Our footwear is designed for thousands of miles of children's miles. 70% of the footwear in the range is made of leather, and in all 100% - leather insole and instep raiser. In 2020, we were awarded in Poland with the Certificate of children's brand of the year. We've already sold five million pairs in the world, and a million in Europe. At the same time, the quality and price ratio of Weestep footwear is one of the best on the market.


Weestep distributors and sales agents operate in 70% of European countries. All our products are certified.

Advantages of working with us:


- Personal consulting manager;

- Dispatch from the warehouse within 24 hours after payment confirmation;

- More than 1000 models, the assortment is always in stock;

- Support team that works 24/7;

- Consulting support of partners to increase sales;

- Unique content for websites and social networks of partners;

- Info support of partners on our websites and on social networks;

- Good choice of marketing promotional materials;

- Shoe care products;

- Convenient and simple order form on the wholesale website;

-  No minimum order amount;

 - Wholesale website in ten languages.


To start collaboration, contact our consultant in any way convenient for you.

Let's move forward together!

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Children's footwear wholesale

About children's shoes

Welcome to the online store of children's shoes Weestep Firma Weestep Sp. z o.o.

Here you will be able to pick up all necessary collections of children 's shoes by the gross of the brand Weestep. But before you go to the catalog, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the history of the brand and some of its features... 

Brand Weestep is a brand of modern and high-quality children 's shoes, which successfully combines everything necessary for a modern buyer. High-quality affordable price Weestep. Successfully designed models, high-quality materials, and modern manufacturing technologies provide an excellent product that is interesting to customers. Weestep children 's shoes are a great choice for each wholesale buyer because thanks to the assortment you will be able to collect orders for your customers taking into account their characteristics and wishes.


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